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[IP] A good bg range to shoot for

Hi Marcie

The ideal range of 80-120 is just an ideal, so don't
get upset if you end up a little above that. ANYTHING
above 150 is trouble though.  I would test myself
every hour and get an idea of where your blood sugars
are.  Eat similar meals over a few days.  Then you can
adjust your hourly basal rates up or down.  Get up at
3am and test.  You should only need 4 basals, some
need more, but 4 is the norm.  My basals are 0.1 unit
from 4pm-3am, 0.8 unit from 3am to 9am, 0.3 unit from
9am to 4pm.  '

You should never worry about calling your CDE with any
quetions, especially at 3am when you really need
answers.  That's what the CDE is there for!  

Also, a way to determine your proper basal for a
certain time is to not eat 6 hours before testing. 
So, to get an idea about how your overnight basals are
doing, don't eat dinner after 5pm and test at 3am and
upon waking up.  Don't eat breakfast and test at noon
etc,  Very good way to determine your basal rates.  

Testing is key, so if you need to test every hour or 2
then do it for a few days.  It can only help.  You
should not go above 150 at all, and if you do, you
should immediately give a bolus to bring it down.  The
system I use, for several years now, is as follows:
Blood Sugars 121-150     1 unit            251-300    
4 units
                     151-200    2 units          
301-350     5 units
                     201-250    3 units          
351-400     6 units
Essentially, try 1 unit for every 50mg/dl of blood
sugar.  Sounds like your 1 unit for 25 might be too

Also, consider using Humalog, which has a faster
action time.  I and many pumpers use it.  

As for your doc, fire him!  If he's only around so
often and you can't get to him to ask questions, then
what good is he???  Get someone who you can talk to
and who can give you answers, OK?

Email me if you have any questions or if I can be of


Steve Lazarus
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