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[IP] Neuropathy and Charcot's

What a terrible experience for you.  It grieves me when I hear about 
diabetics suffering needlessly because the doc isn't up to snuff. I am so 
glad you were able to resolve your problem.  I have suffered from chronic 
pain (not diabetes related) and thought I'd go mad.  I've also had a couple 
of diabetes related things (Adhesive Encapsilitus [frozen shoulders] and 
also  gastro-paresis that the doc told me to take Mylanta for.  What a jerk! 
  It's not that I expect every doc to know every thing- but I wish to heck 
they'd stop acting like I'm the one who's either making up symptoms or 
complaining needlessly.  Glad you're doing better.  Hang in there!

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