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No Subject


I have a daughter, aged 3, that was diagnosed 2/19/99. Bad day. 

She now gets 3 shots per day. Breakfast, Dinner, 10pm. Her last HbA1C was

I am interested in the pump for her. I know there are many small children on
the pump...but what are the negatives to putting a child so young on the

Our endos have said it is rediculous. They want us to wait until she is at
least 12 years old.

Margaret is not going to rip out the tube. She just isn't like that. If we
tell her to leave it alone -I believe that she will. She also started
telling us a few weeks ago when she feels "low"...and she has always been

Very, very interested in your opinions and thoughts. Thanks for taking a few
moments to respond.

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