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[IP] A mom's point of view & questions

I would be pleased if anyone has any answers to my concerns! - email - direct 
email @ redacted

ADA article - Fiber and carbos - If fiber count is more than 5 - subtract the 
fiber count from total carbs - then consider the carbs before taking insulin?
Has anyone else been told this - i read it from a ADA article - not ped/endo 

Schools using glucagon - scared to let them - I passed out Liquid gel to 
massage into gums - hope this works - better yet - hope he never needs it!
- short of a cde  

What problems does the glucagon injection cause ?- throwing up, seizures - 
what if any - or is this YMMV kind of thing - if so - I hope never to find 
out - 

since we are not pumpers yet - this applies to (wanna be pumpers)
School giving insulin shots - read the doctors orders wrong - "only at 
pre-lunch give insulin if test in XYZ range" not right be going to PE - whoops
 - too late - school staff gave insulin - right before PE which was 1.5 hrs 
after lunch - (son told them - no - he didnt need to take insulin before pe - 
"sorry child" we know what needs to be done) - he was scared and angry and 
asked for them to call me - but they didnt - rightfully so and yes - he went 

Endo - upon dxd - He can and will lead a productive normal life. Here just 
take insulin/needles and test and test and test - u will figure it out
well - i did figure it out  - found another ped/endo - hope to be pumping by 

Would someone please list the different types of infusion sets both from 
mini-med and disetronic -we will be needing infusion sets for skinny active 
male child - 
I have looked for them on the net - but not sure which is for skinny active 
male child

Can we expect weight gain after starting the pump? 
Wishing for Christmas "baby fat"

911 - calls - standard procedures - start IV if not alert? -  - isnt the 
standard procedures for diabetic different than non-D?

Thanks for listening and appreciate your answers
Darlene (mom to Kap) age 9

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