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[IP] Seven Days...the results are in (Mag)

>Sammi, Matt too has a "Good Pump Fairy" along with the "Bad Pump Fairy"!
>sites too last 3full days and 4 nights!  I too was going to go for 5 nights
>tonight because all was well but chickend out!  Let me know what that belly
>looks like when you pull that site out after 7 days!  Anxiously waiting

Mag & others,

When I took the supersite out (yes, I do know that too much of a good thing
in the same spot is far from good...I was keeping it that long to see the
potential should I ever be in SERIOUS dire straits as far as supplies go- I
like to know my options!), it was a little red about the edge, which is how
they normally look for me.  I did the usual clean off the tapegoo, apply a
dab of antibiotic & bandaid, & got the usual result...two days later, no
visible sign of the site at all.  That was a pretty neat thing- also, no
pumpbump or anything!  When I read various posts over the last few days of
catching up with mail, I think I figured out the probable cause of this
longevity...my new D clipcase!  (Thank you, pumprep Dan!!!)  Different
people have mentioned using extra tape to keep their point of insertion from
distress due to the canula/tubing moving arround & wreaking havoc on the
skin.  Well, I don't add tape (haven't needed to- the tape that is part of
the Tender has done its job beautifully), but before this case, when I was
using the black leather one I got with the pump, it did do more than its
fair share of crashing.  I'd do housework & be bending over & the case would
fall.  Also, I caught the tubing on things (esp. in the kitchen...all those
drawer & oven door handles), so it was pulled a lot.  Since switching cases,
the clip is VERY secure & I tuck the tubing into it...no more major stress!
:)  Anyone out there looking to get a better "no hand grip" on their D pump
who hasn't tried this might want to look into it as an option!  I don't know
if it would fit a MM, or if they have a similar item- but it's definitely
worth investigating.

Thanking the GPF & her D rep,

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