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Re: [IP] bent needles are NOT that bad

Hi, i wear a mm506, have had it for a while. when i first got it they gave
me a box of bent needle, i found them just the other day, i don't use them,
do you need them?
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From: amy m <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 4:13 PM
Subject: [IP] bent needles are NOT that bad

> I feel totally alone on this one. I started with sof
>sets, tehy hurt to much, went to sils, those hurt as
>well. Then had the highs, painful sites and lots of
>crimping. Am using bent needles now, as a whole they
>hurt less than the pain I had with all of hte other
>sets combined. I feel like this is being shot down b/c
>people think having a needle inyou is the worst thing,
>and when I tried bent needles right after gettin gthe
>pump,, I thought that too..out of ignornace and b/c
>people thought I was crazy to use the needle. WRONG!
>It is not painful, I can't even feel it now. My issue
>is I have a zillion sils and a bunch of micros, and am
>scheduled to reorder next month. I have 4 bent
>needles, I keep moving my site every 2-3 days but this
>is the same needle as last week, no problem, and I
>know I can't return sets b/c they are out of the box,
>so I will have to make do with what I have until
>December 9. I will keep these for backup and possibly
>maybe be able to use them without the probs I've
>experienced teh past few months with them, but some
>people do better on the needle.
> No biggie, but please everyone, be open. Everyone is
>different, but when every other set hurts and many
>crimp, you realize the needles aren't that bad. I am
>AmAZED that I can't even feel it, I was sure I'd be
>able to. A trainer is coming tomorrow and will try to
>help me with sils, but as of now I am content with
>bent needles.
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