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Re: [IP] bent needles are NOT that bad

Amy wrote:

>  I feel totally alone on this one. I started with sof
>sets, tehy hurt to much, went to sils, those hurt as
>well. Then had the highs, painful sites and lots of
>crimping. Am using bent needles now, as a whole they
>hurt less than the pain I had with all of hte other
>sets combined. I feel like this is being shot down b/c
>people think having a needle inyou is the worst thing,

I used bent needle sets for about one year when I first started pumping, 
and found them quite comfortable. I'm thin, no extra "real estate" for my 
infusion sets. I would, on occasion, "pinch" myself when bending over, but 
certainly nothing to complain about. I wore bent needle sets for the entire 
two weekends I spent insulating my attic - crawling around on my belly, 
climbing up and down stairs, etc. No problemo. I use Disetronic Rapids (6 
mm and 8 mm) in rotation with Tenders now and they work fine. I've found 
nothing inherently wrong with metal needles. In fact, I'll return to them 
when I'm trying to troubleshoot particularly troublesome BG issues, since 
it eliminates cannula clogging / kinking as a variable.

I haven't used bent needle sets (called "Classic" by Disetronic, "Bent 
Needle" by MiniMed) in a while, but I wouldn't hesitate if my supplies got 
low, or I wanted a break from the Tenders and Rapids which I currently use.

>and when I tried bent needles right after gettin gthe
>pump,, I thought that too..out of ignornace and b/c
>people thought I was crazy to use the needle. WRONG!
>It is not painful, I can't even feel it now. My issue

If they work for *YOU*, that's what matters the most. Ignore the flack from 
the crowd.

By way of comparison, the most discomfort I ever felt in close to 4 years 
on the pump was from a SofSet. I had one press against the muscle wall in 
my abdomen when I was hiking, and I could barely crawl back to camp. Not 
typical, but  just another perspective.

I'd like to offer a word of caution on re using the bent needle sets. I 
have done this in emergency situations when I didn't have a spare handy, 
but I always replaced it with a fresh one within several hours. Cross 
contamination of sites is possible when you move / re use sets and 
infection is a real possibility.

Glad to hear you found sets which are comfortable :)

Bob Burnett

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