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[IP] bent needles are NOT that bad

 I feel totally alone on this one. I started with sof
sets, tehy hurt to much, went to sils, those hurt as
well. Then had the highs, painful sites and lots of
crimping. Am using bent needles now, as a whole they
hurt less than the pain I had with all of hte other
sets combined. I feel like this is being shot down b/c
people think having a needle inyou is the worst thing,
and when I tried bent needles right after gettin gthe
pump,, I thought that too..out of ignornace and b/c
people thought I was crazy to use the needle. WRONG!
It is not painful, I can't even feel it now. My issue
is I have a zillion sils and a bunch of micros, and am
scheduled to reorder next month. I have 4 bent
needles, I keep moving my site every 2-3 days but this
is the same needle as last week, no problem, and I
know I can't return sets b/c they are out of the box,
so I will have to make do with what I have until
December 9. I will keep these for backup and possibly
maybe be able to use them without the probs I've
experienced teh past few months with them, but some
people do better on the needle.
 No biggie, but please everyone, be open. Everyone is
different, but when every other set hurts and many
crimp, you realize the needles aren't that bad. I am
AmAZED that I can't even feel it, I was sure I'd be
able to. A trainer is coming tomorrow and will try to
help me with sils, but as of now I am content with
bent needles. 

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