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[IP] bent needle Vx. SofSet

In light of this excerpt:

and about having a needle in you..you never feel it...i could do sit ups and
work out and run around and never felt it...and if it slid out alittle I
could slide it back in and tape it down better without having to reinsert a
whole new catheter!
I had to put a metal, holey eye patch over my bent needle site to protect me from jabs from my purse, grocery carts, and little children's knees when holding them. I had a lot of pain and was somewhat allergic to the metal needle. That went on a few years until SofSets were invented. I have very little, if any, discomfort now. I have been using a SofSerter for several months now.
Jan (age 60, T-1 dx 11/5/50, pumping 16 years.)