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[IP] Tenders versus Silhouttes

Someone a while back said that the tenders used for the Disatonic
(spelling?) pump are indentical to the silhouttes used with the minimed
pump.  I would like to know if anyone can confirm this and also if anyone
in Canada can give me a contact for the Disatonic tenders and an indication
as to how much they charge for the 'combo' packages of 5 with tubing (24
inch) and 5 without tubing.  I realized when I bought my pump that I would
have to accept being more or less permanently attached to my pump but the
implications of being permanently attached to one local suplier never
dawned on me until recently.  While the Head office rep for Mininmed is
absolutely excellent ( I cannot say enough good things about him) he can
only give me the alternative of  Vancouver supplier who is significantly
more expensive than my local rep, so my dilemna is whether to go with
extremely rude (but cheap) service from the local rep, or polite (but
expensive) mail order service from a Vancouver rep.  As I am paying for my
own supplies (currently no insurance coverage) this is not an easy
decision.  If I can use the tenders this would give me one more option--
one I would take reluctantly-- but one I would like to consider.   So if
someone could give me a number for Disotronic supplies in Canada and
confirm that the infusion sets are interchangeable I would appreciate it.   

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