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[IP] Changes, changes, changes -Help please!

I have been on MM507C since July.  At the end of Sept,  my basals tests were 
fine and by bolus was also ok.  In mid Nov, things began to change.  I wake 
about 730 to 8:30am with a bs around 120 and immediately have brkfst.  Two 
hours later I am lucky if I come in with a 160 but most of the time it is 
between 200 and 250.  I have changed by carb ratio several times from 1-18 
down to a 1-15 and still have this problem.  If i delay my brkfst to 9:30, I 
am at a 130-140 before the meal.  My basal rate is 12:00am .5, 7:00am .3 and 
10pm .5.  Perhaps I need to continue my 12am .5 basal until 10:00am.  If so 
would I still leave my ratio at 1-15?  Any suggestions?

email @ redacted
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