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Re: [IP] A good bg range to shoot for

Marcie, being the intelligent new pumper that you must be,  you should have
no trouble aiming for a 100-150 range. The secret is to work hard to get
your basals set right.  ONce that is done (and you might want to recheck
them periodically), you should be fine.   I suspect that you might
eventually think a BG of 80 is OK too.  With a pump, going below 100 is not
a big deal at all, and you should not worry about that. But the secret of
good control is all in the basal rates.  I also wouldn't worry about your
endo being in town--this is something you've got to do yourself.   It's
easy.  Just stop eating for a time period that includes a normal meal time
and record your basals every 2 h.  Good luck.

<<<<<<<<<<<<I have spent the last 16 years with my goal range being
100-300.  This is
because if I go below 100, I usually end up unconscious within about 1/2
hour.  Trying to keep it below 300 was almost an impossibility as well.  My
doc and I both have felt like I was "in good control" if I maintained this
range at least 75% of the time.  I know this is an awful range, but it was
that or get to know my whole city's paramedic teams on a first name basis.
Or die trying.  Now that I am using the pump, I have only had two major
reactions in the last three weeks.  I am still struglling with some of the
highs not following a good pattern, but I am getting that under control too.
What I was wondering is--at what bg do you starting treating for a high bg?
I have never started to take extra insulin until at 200 and above.  It has
been 1 unit for every 25 over 200 for the past year.  Now that I know I can
live through some normal numbers, I am not sure where to start treating and
what would be safe to try as my goal range.  Any suggestions?  I know I need
to work some of this out with my endo, but he is in town about every 3 - 4
weeks for 2 days.  I don't see him for another 6 - 8 weeks.  I don't want to
do the whole thing with my CDE because she has always felt that using the
previous range as a goal was absurd.  She didn't have to be called at 3 in
the morning to let her know that I was unconscious and on my way to the ER
either.  When we tried to keep my nubmers between what she wanted, my doc
and I decided that she was closing the gap too much for me to handle on MDI.
He has never worked much with pumps, so he is learning along with me.
Thanks for any suggestions you have and for sharing your programs with me.

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