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[IP] Tegretol...

Hi Guys,

    Well, I was reading a lot of the threads about different types of
Neuropathy. Well, I am 26 years old and I started having Neuropathy in BOTH
legs when I was 19. I was a terribly bad controlled Diabetic. Awful its just
terrible to even think how bad.

    Well, anyway, I was in SEVERE pain and lost a lot of weight. I couldn't
eat, sleep, work or go to college classes. I was miserable. I went to
doctors and they seemed so stupid on the matter. They put me on very strong
pain killers, I mean STRONG. Which didn't help me because its a nerve
problem, UGH! Well, anyhow I was loopy 24/7 and I still had pain. The two
didn't work well at all. I stopped school and working to stay in bed and cry
all day. What a life at 19!!

    Well, finally I found a Neurologist that went to school. WOW! He put me
on Tegretol. It is used for epileptics and IMMEDIATELY my pain went away.
THAT DAY! I had been suffering from Chronic pain 24/7 for 4 months NON-STOP!

    Well, now I am 26 years old and I have Charcot joints, which is usually
a next step from Neuropathy. It is a bone degenerative disease. PAINFUL once
again, but I can only blame myself. they figure it would have happened years
from now, but I helped it along by having terrible control for so many
years. Well, anyhow, I can still walk, well I DO, and I have deformed,
rather still deforming feet. I had to go to 30 doctors to get help!! 25 of
them shrugged their darn shoulders at me and said they don't know what it is
and they cant help. I did my OWN research and discovered what it was. It is
Charcot Arthropathy. The doctors diagnosed me wrong left and right. I have
many other problems with my feet and knees thanks to these wonderful dumb

    Well, anyway, I wanted to get the message out there that you NEED to be
your own doctor and diagnose yourself, before entering the doctors office.
Usually they know their stuff, but be up on everything so you can ask TONS
of questions. We have to take care of ourselves and NOT let the doctors do
it. I have learned the hard way. NOW, if I feel something is wrong I go HERE
or look it up until I find what I think it might be, then go to the doctors
with an IDEA.


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