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Re: [IP] Pumper Cruise??


It would be hard to fill an entire cruise ship with the
number of people on this list.  Those things take 1,000 -
2,000 passengers and up to fill them -- they are absolutely
huge.  You can get a lot of exercise just walking around on

It sounds like a lot of fun, though.

If you will look in the IP archives, I sent out a message
about a "Special Diabetic Cruise" a few days ago.  This
cruise is already organized and IMO would be a good
alternative if a pumper's cruise can't be arranged.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I have a really good idea. My doctor about five years ago
> used to invite
> diabetics to go on a "diabetic cruise" where all the food
> would be
> carbohydrate-counted for you, and they had lectures and
> workshops, etc.
> I never went because I didn't have the money. Is there a
> pumper travel
> agent that could set something like this up?? If there
> are 1800 people
> on this list, I think even if only 1/3 of us could go, we
> could get a
> cheap rate (because the ship would be full and they
> wouldn't have to
> sell spaces(?)) Anybody interested?? We could spend a
> week pumping and
> talking and eating good food and whatever.

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