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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #692

This might be kinda old news, but I met with a MM rep in April '99 and she 
said that the glucose monitor will be something purchased by the doctor that 
they will loan out to patients for approx. 3 days at a time.  You'll wear it 
for 3 days and every X number of seconds it will record your glucose on a 
microchip in the monitor.  You will not be able to see your glucose, but once 
your 3 days are up, your doc will hook the chip up to the computer and be 
able to see exactly what your glucose is at each moment in time thru the past 
3 days.  I would assume this monitor is more for people who have wide ranges 
and can't seem to figure out why.  Also, seems like the wearer will have to 
keep extremely detailed notes of when and what for it all to make sense!  
Again, this is what I was told back in April, so maybe they've changed it to 
be more widely appealing by now.  (And I haven't read the MM press release so 
maybe this is all old news!!)


<< I have heard rumors about the glucose monitor being introduced the first
 quarter of 2000.  Has anyone else heard anything.  Do you think most
 insurance companies will pay for this.  Boy what a treat it will be not
 to have to prick my fingers 10-15 times a day.  Does anybody also know
 if the monitor will allow for a closed loop system with the
 507,507c,508MM pumps.  I have read the press release on MM site but
 maybe someone in the group might have more insight. >>
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