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[IP] Glucagon and insurance

Yes, I keep glucagon on hand at all times and it has saved my life about 4 
I don't know if this will work but it is worth a try. I managed to get 
'Glucagon" covered in the past and 'Insta-glucose' covered recently in this 
way...I called the insurance company and they sent me a form called 
"exception to coverage" (they may call it something different but I would 
think that all insurance companies might have some such form). I took it to 
my endo and he explained on the form to them why I needed the item and how 
important it was to me medically and what the consequences were if I did not 
have it. I sent the form back to the insurance company and within a week I 
was notified that they would approve it. Just make sure that your endo puts 
repeats on the form so you do not need to repeat this process. It has worked 
twice for me.. so good luck!!

>From: email @ redacted
This was after I
>complained my insurance denied glucogon - after paying for it up to now.
>They have changed it to an "uncovered item."  He says insurance companies 
>just do this, out of the blue.  Are we that unusual to be keeping a 
>in her emergency kit at home and school?  Evidently those with diabetes in
>our area are not considering it a necessary item.  Do most of you keep
>glucogon?  Do your insurance companies pay for it?  Holly

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