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Re: [IP] Longer-lasting sites & misunderstood fairies

>Be careful because you may actually have pp highs and not know it unless
>checking BG 7 times a day. You also may put that site out of commission for
>while since you are saturating to area with insulin for so long.

No highs that I have identified (by bg checks or simply by feeling)- & I
usually test 10-12 times a day.  (My piano-playing fingers are not exactly
happy, but hey- you do what you've gotta do, right?)  Even with checking as
much as I do, though, I needed that reminder about pp #'s...I've gotten
pretty lazy about tracking what's specifically happening after meals, & I
know that complacancy is NOT a wise choice in the land of diabetes.  Thanks!

I did change the site last night...hated to give it up, but I do recognize
the dangers of "too much of a good thing"- still, it was incredible while it
lasted!  I'm considering a tattoo there...maybe an energizer bunny?  :)


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