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[IP] Glucogon "not necessary"

Holly wrote

>  to request glucogon.  "Why don't you just use candy or glucotabs?"  

well, you say ot him..I'd like to see me put them in my mouth when I am 
UNCONSCIOUS YOU DUMB COW POOP!!!  sorry....but that is the point of glucagon 
isn't it?  You are so low you have passed out and someone is tyring to save 
your life...

>  They have changed it to an "uncovered item."  He says insurance 
> companies can just do this, out of the blue.  

Unless it is listed as excluded on your copy of the policy, I don't think 
they can cover things oe day and hten just decide not to the next.  Call your 
insurance and ask to see this in writing, and then ask if they would prefer 
to pay for a little glucagon kit OR a ride in an ambulance, ER charges and 
all kinds of doctors fees cuz your significant other did not have any 
glucagon on hand cuz THEY WERE TOO STUPID TO COVER IT!!!

> Are we that unusual to be keeping a glucogon 

I got one when i was diagnosed in 1974....never used it...it dried up and 
turned to dust...threw it away about 15 years ago...Just got a new one cuz 
minimed said my insurance covered it so i said what the hell - send it to 
me...Now all i have to do is find someone to use it...should i ask the 
homeless guy on corner or maybe one of the guys who periodically works at the 

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