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[IP] Softset vs. Bent Needle

>  > My daughter and I started pumping ...are using
>  > the Softset.  We both love it.
>  > The trainer said that our doctor may insist on my
>  > daughter using the bent needle and she was hysterical.  

I personally HATED the sofset - it bruised me BAD and you had to jab it in.  
The bonus with the bent needle is YOU control it the whole way.  You can 
touch it to your skin and see if that is a tender spot and then move it 
elsewhere.  You can S-L-I-D-E it in as slowly as you like...I like to do it 
slow...I breathe deeply...but then I never had a sofserter.

and about having a needle in you..you never feel it...i could do sit ups and 
work out and run around and never felt it...and if it slid out alittle I 
could slide it back in and tape it down better without having to reinsert a 
whole new catheter!

i say use what you and she like best, but don't give up on bent needle or 
silhouette wihtout trying them - of course with the bent needle, you have to 
use tape to attache it to yourself and you can't disconnevct - you have that 
tail thing going, which I personally hate...but try it = you and SHE might 
like it!!

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