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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein Mamaroneck, New York

Susan K wrote:
> You may have to go through the archives, but at least one
> person posted that Dr. Bernstein and other type 1's were
> getting along without any extra insulin.  They were
> supposedly using diet alone to control their DM.  This is
> where the danger warning comes in.
> Lest anyone else misunderstand, read the previous posts in
> the archives and you, also, will find the misleading one
> that was referred to.

I went through the archives to the original message in this thread. It
> Has anyone gone to Dr. Bernstein? He has a book 
> called Dr. Bernstein's  Diabetes Solutions. He believes 
> in a low carb diet. I am making an  appointment to see 
> him and would appreciate any feed back. 

The first reply states: 
> a friend of geneva's dad is type 2 and follows this plan.  he uses no
> insulin...only diet and exercise and is always 95 before eating!   keeps
> right in range.

Note that it says that this person is Type 2. Nowhere in the thread is
it ever indicated that Type 1's were getting along without any insulin.

So no, a thorough search of the archives did not reveal any misleading
message. I humbly suggest that if you think a message is misleading that
YOU find it and repost it, so that people can discuss it.

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