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[IP] Cruise advice

Connie wrote:

>  (hat do I need to think of, besides bringing extra sets and
>  pre-filled resevoirs (Ruth...I'm with you on the side of overkill).

sigh - you guys..it is gonna be a LONG childhood...much longer and much 
happier with the pump, but don't knock yourselfs out now....wait til they 
start DRIVING and DATING...that will REALLY knock ya for a loop...heh heh

anyway...as for nurse giving insulin...I don't don't know what the law is, 
but don't they have to have parental permission before they do anything???  
Just make sure she has a medic alert bracelet on that indiactes she is on a 

>  Can I bring a letter that nobody can touch the pump

what are ya gonna do - pin it to her?  tee hee - that is a joke.  I assume 
you aren't gonna be ditching her in the children's center as you go onboard, 
sice this sounds like a big group thing, and that you will generally be near, 
and if not, you or another family member or friend, will be checking in with 
her periodically...Just make sure she keeps a meter with her and some dex 
tabs when she is off doing kid things, and that whoever is in charge of the 
kid things KNOWS she has diabetes, a pump, and where on the ship you will be. 

Having worked in the industry, I highly suggest you get the little pink sea 
sickness pills form the infirmary - somtimes they even put them in a candy 
dish at the main desk...they are usually free...being sea sick makes a cruise 
SUCK - though being sea sick is much easier on a pump.  I think they are safe 
for kids too

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