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[IP] My brand new FREE MM508

It's been a while since I've posted, but good news.  I am going on the pump as of Wednesday 11/24!!!  I have my pump in my possession with supplies for FREE!  (and I was extrememly worried about how to get money for one-even paying only 20% of it that insurance didn't cover). 
Now I am sure that some of you have tried this company that I am referring to, but all I know is that it worked for me and I have a wonderful new tool that is going to help keep me in control.  My parents got a postcard in the mail from Diabetic Supply of USA and I called the number.  I gave them info on me and my doctor, and in an hour they called me back to say that my pump would arrive at my home in 1 week -- and it did.  I had the lady repeat herself so that I was sure I wasn't missing anything.  Anyhow, this is a synopsis of what is on the postcard: "Diabetic supplies and prescriptions at little or no cost to you!  Insulin, syringes, minimed, disetronics, glucose meters, etc.  Call 800.726.9811 to qualify (Private insurance and/or Medicare required to qualify-No HMO plans please)."  It's worth a try.
Wish me luck for my first day as a pumper!