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Re: [IP] Abdominal Neuropathy HELP!!!!! " Sorry Kinda Long"

Hello CJ,
Your problems do sound like the beginning of my problems over 2 years ago.
When I first started getting ill, I had just started on insulin  and was
having bowel problems.  My stomach became very tender and pain started in
the left side, down my left hip and back.  I had every test there was but
nothing could be diagnosed.

After two emergency room visits, one hospital stay and many doctors, I was
diagnosed with severe autonomic and peripheral neuropathy.  I was referred
to my third neurologist and he put me on several meds which have helped
some.  Because of all the problems and pain, I have been unable to work
since 9-97.  About 6 months ago I was also diagnosed with CIDP, Chronic
Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, and fibromyalgia.

After all I have gone through, I have sort of lost faith in the doctors and
their diagnosis.  I hope they discover the cause of your pain soon,  because
doctors have a hard time treating pain.  I believe they think you just want
the "drugs".
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><< He said this was common with Diabetics!!!  >>
>Hi CJ,
>Sorry to hear your having difficulties.  I can't comment on abdominal
>neuropathy, but I strongly believe that not everything that happens to our
>bodies is not diabetes related.  M.D.s are very quick to attribute every
>medical issue to diabetes. By doing this they may deprive you of the
>appropriate treatment for your pain. Please make sure they rule out other
>causes for your problem first.  Take care and hope your feeling better
>Wendy R
>Massachusetts- where we're having an indian summmer in NOV!!
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