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Re: [IP] Insulin and memory loss

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Subject: Re: [IP] Insulin and memory loss

> Re: the article; unless they tell us the specifics about the children in
> study, ie: how long they were diabetic, ages, insulin doses, etc., the
> is fairly meaningless. Insulin has been associated with artery changes and
> other adverse effect in the body. However. the body does make insulin when
> one is not a type DM 1>

Whew, I thought the stroke I had was causing the memory loss.  Just to say
listen to your doctor about controling your blood sugars, (Mine was always
of control), watch your blood pressure, (Mine was 240/140 two days after the
stroke, watch your cholestrol, (Mine was 455 two days after the stroke).
kept telling me to find more tolerable job, but I resisted because made good
money, was too old to get enough schooling to change career's.  Thought if I
worked hard tried my best to watch sugar, took my insulin, blood pressure
medicine, and worked harder than anybody else; nothing would happen to me.
Try to find work that matches your abilities, don't be like me; too proud to
less than everyone else.  Never admitted to being sick, worked 3-400 hours
OT every year.  In the beginning I ate as many as 16 candy bars, per shift;
know why I have only 2 cavities.  Now what were we talking about!

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