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[IP] Re: 1)bent needles 2)tags that say insulin pumpers3) DPT screening

1)I was started using bent needles as the Dr felt that if I had a site 
problem I could just pull it out and reinsert (unless infected) in another 
location.  I don't know how other endo's feel about that.  I do know that the 
discomfort that I had with them was quite significant, was no less with the 
straight needle,  and I was grateful for SoftSets, and am even more pleased 
with the Sils.

2)For the Very Rare occasions that I am so dressed up that I don't want to 
wear my usual stainless steel watch and Medic Alert tag, I have a goldtone 
metal "wrap around the watchband" alert that says "Diabetic, insulin pump, 
wallet card"  I think that someone on the list gave the website which is how 
came to order it this year.  It has an ID Technologies Inc. copyright on it.  
I also have a medic alert bracelet which, in my humble opinion, is far more 
likely to be recognized for what it is than my watchband.  I had Medic Alert 
inscribe "Diabetic..has insulin pump" on it.  

3) My two children (6 and 9) have been screened several times in the DPT (so 
far so good),  however, the rest of my relatives either already have type 2 
diabetes (though I'm not so sure that one may not have a late onset type 1) 
or do not wish to participate.   (And for those who may wonder...yes I'm a 
true type 1, c-peptide is zip)

Happy pumping to all.  Linda
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