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[IP] re: bent needles

 I've used micros, regular sof sets, silhouettes,
tried a disetronic classic was it? and MM's bent
needles. All have hurt, but have been using bent
needles with wings lately...they are NOT bad at all!
if you bend the needle a little while the needle guard
is still on, you can make it so it goes in very
shallowy...BEST thing..they do NOT crimp! I have not
seen any of my crazy 400s since I've used these sets.
5 months pumping and all infusion sets have hurt in
me, they say b/c i'm thin, but i'm really not that
thin, but for the value of a break from teh crazy
highs, teh bent needles are definitely worth it! They
may make basal settting easier for you b/c you wont'
be contending with crimped infusion sets, that may be
the trainer's reasoning..

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