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Re: [IP] new medical alert type tags - stick on insulin pumps

These life tags sound like another good ID choice.  But,
don't get too creative with where you hide them.

Most EMT's don't/won't take the time to look for anything
more than a necklace or bracelet medical ID.  Many medical
professionals don't even know what an insulin pump is
(unfortunately) and just think it is a pager so they don't
touch it.

If you are not able to speak for yourself in an emergency,
you need to have something readily available, and
recognizable by anyone, that will speak for you.

Can you get tags that indicate "insulin pump wearer?"


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Because People Dislike Wearing Current Medical
> Identification Jewelry; 
> Diabetic Designs, Markets Smaller, More Attractive,
> Easier to Wear Line
> EL PASO, Texas, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- At last!  Smaller
> than a dime and 
> sticks to your watchband, keys, or pager, this new
> medical identification 
> jewelry for diabetics is easier to wear, more attractive,
> and goes with you 
> everywhere!
> (Photo: 
> http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19991122/NYFNSW03-a  
> http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19991122/NYFNSW03-b  
> http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/19991122/NYFNSW03-c )
> Susan Eisen, jewelry designer and type 1 diabetic for the
> past 8 years, has 
> introduced "Lifetag(TM) ... jewelry that can save your
> life," an attractive 
> answer to both a diabetics's need for personal privacy
> and instant awareness 
> by rescue professionals in case of an emergency. ($6.95
> each, to order 
> 1-888-543-3824).
> "Most people, including myself, feel that being diabetic
> is a private issue 
> and everyone doesn't need to know.  Being a professional
> woman in the 
> workplace, I want to be respected for my abilities and
> not pitied for my 
> illness," said Ms. Eisen.  "Many diabetics dislike what's
> available and 
> therefore make the serious mistake of not wearing
> anything."  As a result, 
> Lifetag(TM) has been widely accepted by all ages as a
> positive improvement to 
> other medical identification jewelry currently on the
> market.
> Susan Eisen who owns and operates several jewelry stores
> in El Paso, Texas 
> found current medical identification jewelry in a
> constant need of jewelry 
> repair and unsuitable for her public lifestyle.  Upset by
> excessive 
> visibility by the public of medical bracelets and
> pendants on the market, Ms. 
> Eisen feels that although personal medical conditions
> need to be known in 
> case of an emergency it doesn't need to be on a bracelet
> or pendant as a 
> public matter for everyone to see.  Her desire to find
> something attractive 
> that would work and be liked by her and other diabetics
> like her, both 
> children and adults, resulted in the development of 
> Lifetag(TM) ($6.95 each, 
> to order 1-888- Lifetag).
> After interviewing health care professionals, doctors,
> and people with 
> diabetes, her research indicates the number one reason
> 80% of children and 
> adults with medical conditions do not wear medical
> identification jewelry is 
> because they cannot find anything they like and feel
> comfortable with.
> "People who don't wear medical identification jewelry to
> save their lives are 
> a nightmare to us!" says Lisa R. Miranda, EMS Instructor
> and Paramedic, El 
> Paso, Texas.
> Her Lifetag(TM) can be worn discreetly on a watch clasp,
> visible mostly to 
> the medics in case of emergency.  Each has a recognizable
> medical alert 
> symbol, is smaller than a dime and can be attached
> anywhere to a watchband, 
> bracelet or pendant.  The Lifetag(TM) has a durable
> stick-on back, which 
> allows it to be worn as an addition on already existing
> jewelry.
> The Lifetag(TM) design is highly visible when stuck on
> keys, pagers, insulin 
> pumps and driver's licenses as well as on zipper pulls
> and lunchboxes for 
> children.  They are water resistant, attractive and
> durable.  Besides 
> diabetes, a variety of medical conditions are available
> printed on the 
> Lifetags(TM) which are currently available in English and
> Spanish.
> "This is terrific!  I am so glad I found you.  I have an
> eight year old son 
> with diabetes who won't wear anything I found because he
> doesn't want his 
> diabetes noticed by all his friends," said Mrs. Herrera,
> El Paso, Texas.
> With each Lifetag(TM) order a one dollar contribution
> will be made to 
> diabetes research and a portion of the profits will go to
> the Lifetag(TM) 
> Fund, a fund of the El Paso Community Foundation created
> by Ms. Eisen to 
> support local and national charities.
> Lifetags(TM), $6.95 for 1 and up to $19.95 for 5
> (quantity discounts 
> available) are available by calling 1-888-543-9245,
> faxing to 915-584-9245, 
> or e-mailing to email @ redacted  Susan Eisen's
> Lifetag(TM) Inc. is 
> located at 7500 North Mesa Suite 216, El Paso, Texas,
> 79912.
> SOURCE  Lifetag ... jewelry that can save your life, Inc.
> CO:  Lifetag ... jewelry that can save your life, Inc.
> ST:  Texas
> SU:
> 11/22/1999 05:08 EST http://www.prnewswire.com
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