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[IP] Mini-Med Software Error

I am home this week on vacation and just received a Fed Ex letter from Mini
Med about the software error.  The letter states that it is present only in
the software for model 508 pumps with serial numbers ending with the last
four digits of -20A2, -20A3, -20A4 and -20A5.  Mine ends in -20A2.  To see
the Serial Number you have to remove the belt clip.  There is a little strip
that has a rigid side to it.  Lift up on that and slide it off the pump.  I
was trying to slide it longways which is incorrect.  When you have the belt
clip off, the Serial Number is right above the battery compartment.

The letter states that they will be in contact with you shortly after the
new year to discuss the necessary steps to receive a software upgrade to
your 508 pump.  They also provide you with a blue card that has the correct
programming instructions for setting your basal rates.  So no need to panic.
Help is on the way.

Kathy G.
email @ redacted

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