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Re: [IP] The good old days

<I have never celebrated the date of diagnosis (in fact I only found out the
<exact date this past year when I requested my records from my pediatrician's
<office so I could get my 25 year certificate from Joslin (only 12 years late)
<and be entered into their computer for the 50 year pin.

	Hmm, I've never gotten one either.  How does one get one?  What
does one do if they've outlived their diagnosing doctor?

<By the way: does ANYONE know any of the words to any of the songs we used to
<sing in camp??  There was one song about 'THat's the way it goes with the
<sugar blues'(had to do with clinitest NEG) and another about a high sugar but
<I don't remember any more.

Here are a few more lines--maybe with enought you'll be able to put it all
together :-)
	Hold the needle straighter, you'll feel better later
	First you get shocky, then you get rocky
	That's the way it goes with the sugar blues

There was also another one, based on a take off of a song from the play
"Oklahoma?"    It was quite funny,called "The furry with the syringe on
top", but I don't recall the words.  They never warned us that if we lived
long enough, diabetes would affect our memory *S*

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