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Re: [IP] Insulin and memory loss

Re: the article; unless they tell us the specifics about the children in the 
study, ie: how long they were diabetic, ages, insulin doses, etc., the study 
is fairly meaningless. Insulin has been associated with artery changes and 
other adverse effect in the body. However. the body does make insulin when 
one is not a type DM 1. The problems are similar to type 2's who produce 
insulin yet are resistant. The theory is that the "excess" insulin floating 
around and not being utilized by the body may cause adverse effect. 
SOOOO.......one may be able to postulate that a high carbohydrate diet which 
require more insulin may also promote adverse insulin effects, whatever they 
are. The bottom line; I wouldn't make too much of this alone. If you are 
having problems with your memory look at all the other factors which may 
contribute to that.
Good luck.
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