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[IP] The good old days

I've been reading with interest and some laughter the thread on ancient care 
of diabetic patients.

I remember when I first went to camp NJEDA (NJ Diabetic Camp) back around '67 
or so the first dextrometer I had ever seen.  The thing was HUGE (larger than 
most PCs of today) and probably weighed more as well.

The machine used the original dextrostrips which were pretty amazing to me 
then (at all of eight years old).  (yes, I had a dextrometer which I traded in 
for something which was smaller than it)  I remember my father asking my 
doctor if he thought I should be using these test strips and he just laughed 
it off saying that there was no known advantage to daily testing and lots of 

(As to pain: for the first year I DID testing I used the BG strips reading 
them via EYES - great for colourblind me - and got the samples with those cute 
huge steel surgical nails/(sorry catheters).  I was duly impressed when I 
found out that lancing devices actually existed and could be bought!!

As for insulins: I remember the U40 stuff (I didn't use U80 and don't know if 
it exited back then).  ((I do remember that original pumps used U40 as well))

Mixing insulins was straitforward: one just did as they were taught.  For a 
ten, eleven, twelve, ... year old who was convinced by his parents that a 
mistake would be fatal or worse there was not much room for mistake.

Anyhow: as to anniversaries-> I just passed 38 years of diabetes.  (HURRAY?)

I have never celebrated the date of diagnosis (in fact I only found out the 
exact date this past year when I requested my records from my pediatrician's 
office so I could get my 25 year certificate from Joslin (only 12 years late) 
and be entered into their computer for the 50 year pin.

Oh well.  I remember thinking when I first got my pump how many years it would 
be before I spent half of my diabetic life pumping (I just passed that mark).

Enough.  It's almost 4AM and even if all I want to do is read the '99 IRS 
forms it is time to go to sleep.

By the way: does ANYONE know any of the words to any of the songs we used to 
sing in camp??  There was one song about 'THat's the way it goes with the 
sugar blues'(had to do with clinitest NEG) and another about a high sugar but 
I don't remember any more.

OH WELL.  If anyone went to NJEDA from 1967 thru about '71 and knows 
whereabouts of any other campers let me know!!


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