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Re: [IP] Drawing Cartridges-question

I fill 12 in a sitting, and just keep them in the butter compartment of the
fridge.  The night before a site change, I pull one out and by morning, any
bubbles are right near the top, ready to be squirted out. :)
Cuts about 5 minutes off a site change for me.

David  Type 1  LADA  (who LOVES his MiniMed 507c Insulin Pump!)
Assimilated into the Borg Collective on May 3, 1999, at 1200 hours
(LADA  ==>  http://www.cde.com/diabetes.world/lada.htm )

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: Re: [IP] Drawing Cartidges-question
> I was wondering
> >whether anyone draws several cartridges at a time and
> >stores them for use instead of drawing a cartridge on
> >an as-needed basis.

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