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Re: [IP] Re: disney

We just returnde from disney and there was no problem bringing inbackpacks.
Coolers are not allowed, but backpacks were fine.  Make sure you go on the
spiderman ride at islands of adventure.
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Date: Sunday, November 21, 1999 3:24 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: disney

>do they allow you to bring in food (for all those low sugars) or do
>>you need to receive a letter from the doctor. i
>>really need to have juice and fruit etc. .with me at all times.
>  Hello, i don't know about the handicapped entrance, because the last time
>I went to Disney was before I was dx'd.  (I am going again this spring by
>the way!! :)   but I do remember that we had no trouble at all bringing
>backpacks/bags into the park.  I know I had food in mine.  good luck and
>have fun in o o
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