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Re: [IP] 101 KEWL uses for extra tubing...revisited

<< I pull it out, and they all start oooing and awing over my kewl clear 
pager leash. >

I had a similar but somewhat more embarrasing experience with my "pager 
I usually keep my pump clipped to my slacks.  A  couple of days ago, in the 
restroom of a restaraunt, my pump slipped off the waistband of my slacks and 
went slidding across the floor into the next stall.  I thought I had nearly 
scared the "stuff" out of the poor lady in the next stall as she had let out 
a slight gasp!  As I grabbed the tubing and starting reeling in the wandering 
escapee, she said "Cool!  Where did you find the pager string?  It could have 
come in handy last month when I dropped my pager in the toliet!!"  

Judging by this...I think there IS a market out there for Pager Leashes!

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