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Re: [IP] Longer-lasting sites & misunderstood fairies + Battery mixup

May the Good Pump Fairy stay by your side :-)  A LOT!

I must agree the Good Pump Fairy is around Most of the time, and indeed,
I would not be too bothered by the Evil Pump Fairy....if she had better
timing.  But 3am...GIVE ME A BREAK....please  EPF :)

Yesterday, after a day of good sugars, Erica did her blood sugar and it
was 313??  We were perplexed, but thought perhaps it was because she
spent the better part of the day relaxing after a very late sleepover
the night before.  Had her bolus a bunch to bring it down, checked an
hour later and basically, no change.  This site had only been in one
day, looked great, but when in doubt change...right?  Put Emla on her
opposite side, and while moving the tubing out of the way, discovered
the connector was just swinging in the breeze!  Her clothes reeked of
insulin, when you got close enough to sniff (hey it was in her upper
butt-I don't often put my nose too close there!).  So, re-connected her,
she gave herself a healthy dose to catch up on all that was missed and
......pssst...whispering here......good sugars from then until now.

I have put my Evil Pump Fairy poem on Erica's door...she thought it was
cute, so we will see if it keeps the EPF away in the middle of the

Oh, one more thing.  A while ago, my husband went to get batteries for
the pump, and they gave him 357A batteries.  My husband had asked for
357, and we didn't notice the error until we actually had to use them.
I was told there was basically no difference between those and the 357
so was very surprised when they lasted FOUR DAYS!  Apparently the only
basic difference between the two is the temperature sensitivity, 357A
being the less robust of the two.  So, just watch out for those #'s.
Check your batteries when you buy them, they might think they are saving
you a few bucks and give you the 357A instead

All for now :)

Barb....Eria's mom

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