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RE: [IP] Quickness of receiving pump after insurance approval

When my son got his pump, it took 5 weeks to get insurance approval and one 
week to get the (D) pump after approval.  The reason it took so long for 
insurance approval was that every time my endo sent in the papers, my 
insurance company would request more (blood sugar logs for the last month, 
then insulin adjustments for the last year, etc).  We had changed endos to 
get the pump and the new endo did not have Josh's adjustments for the last 
year (he had only been seeing her for a month).  The former endo would not 
send the records.  I had written to my insurance company last February to ask 
about coverage for a pump and they had written back saying they already had 
several clients on the pump and all I needed to do was get my doctor to write 
a script for one, get a pump and they would reimburse me.  My endo faxed in a 
copy of that letter and we had approval in less than a week- no more 
requests.   We have to go through a local infusion company and, although I 
was skeptical at first, they have been great.  They are actually the ones who 
dealt with the insurance.  They have refilled Josh's supplies once and I got 
them in two days.  There is an insurance-negotiated discount for supplies.  
Josh's original bill was around $7700 for a D pump and two month's supplies.  
My insurance paid 100% which was $5445.
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