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Re: [IP] Gianna -- Natalie

gianna marzilli wrote:
> Natalie, I was just wondering, if I am just coming out of my honeymoon
> period now, why did my c-peptide come back at almost 0 over a month ago?? 
> is this possible??  another question, if I had been in a honeymoon period is it
> still possible to have majorly high blood sugars? I had a period of about 3
> weeks about two weeks after dx where I didn't go above 126.  I thought that
> this was all for the honeymoon, since then my insulin needs have been pretty
> constant.  Anyway my main question is about the c-peptide. the result
> doesn't seem to match up with a honeymoon period.  thanks, Gianna

Well, I can't really be certain -- I'm not a doc!! -- but it seems like
you said it was shortly after that that you started to have problems.
Close enough?

Plus, as you said there might be other things, such as lack of exercise,
that in combination could push up BG numbers

Whatever the cause, you just have to keep on truckin' through -- there's
no choice!!

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