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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein Mamaroneck, New York

email @ redacted wrote:

> Do you have DR Bernstein's first name and the name of the book by any chance?

His name is Richard K. Bernstein, and he's MD, FACE. I THINK the title
is Diabetes Solution -- I can't remember exactly, because my copy is
loaned out. You could look him up at amazon.com. 

I do want to mention that I don't think his diet is for everyone -- it's
very strict, and could exacerbate food issues in people who have such to
begin with (like ME!). 

I made the considered decision NOT to go on the Bernstein diet, because
I can't deal with being restricted in my food choices, but that doesn't
mean I think he's wrong -- I've seen too many people on other lists
who've done very well on his regimen. However, I'm doing well on my own
regimen, so it's not crucial for me -- if I was having a lot of
problems, I might attempt it. 


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