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[IP] Longer-lasting sites & misunderstood fairies

>By the third day wearing the silhouette, I begin to have redness,
>and a bump at the insertion site.  My Joslin nurse practioner recommends
>changing the site every two days.....I truely hesistate to do that.....
>Anyone else with similar problems....thanks for your suggestions......

Hey There!

I've been pumping nearly three months (three very exciting months!) & I had
the same thing happening with Tenders (same difference, from what I
understand).  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, because I read
posts about sites lasting 4-6 days.  I was pretty determined that I wanted
to figure out how to get at least four days out of a site, so that I could
change twice a week on a somewhat set schedule (Wed/Sun).  Some people
suggested that a Velosulin mix might help (you might ask your endo about
trying this), but I didn't even get that far before the Pump Fairy heard my
wish (no folks, she is not "evil"- merely capricious, to keep her in line
with diabetes itself), & .....*POOF!*  I put in a site last Sunday that is
STILL going strong!  No, I wasn't trying for a marathon or anything, & yes,
I realize that you can't stay at the same site forever...but I was so
thrilled when I got to day four & the numbers were great I said to myself
("Self", I said...) that I should maybe keep it in to see at which point it
did the crash & burn routine.  Well,  this is day seven...numbers are still
phenomenal for me (three "100's" in the past two days, waking up where I
want to- HUGE happy smiles are happening here!), & today I'm going to go
ahead & change.  I can't figure out what factors contributed to these good
results...I didn't change anything in my diet or routine ("routine" being a
somewhat farfetched euphemism anyway!), so I'm wondering if just maybe the
site placement happened to be "just right", the Humalog I just got
(refilling- should be same stuff I've always used, but...??),  or the
planets were aligned in perfect order?  Any theories out there?

For whatever reason, it worked & has given me a wonderful week...I know that
they won't all be this easy, but I'll revel in the good ones whenever they
come along!


P.S.  I think the Pump Fairy is greatly misunderstood...I'm far more on her
side than I used to be.  Or, more likely,  there are more than one of them,
so that the question would really be (a la The Wizard of Oz) "Are you a Good
Pump Fairy or a Bad Pump Fairy?"...& the best plan would be to be VERY nice
to the good ones!!  :)    (Yes, I've spent far too much time playing my
RenFaire character!!)

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