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Re: [IP] Drawing Cartidges-question

I was wondering
>whether anyone draws several cartridges at a time and
>stores them for use instead of drawing a cartridge on
>an as-needed basis.


Hello!  A thread ran concerning this a few months ago & we decided to try it
here...no problems!  (At least, so far, so good!  :)  )  My husband & I sit
down in the living room & put on some music, then we fill cartridges
together- that way we have enjoyable company, & someone to give a second
opinion or help if the evil "bubble monsters" are getting the best of
us...yes, we have sort of an unusual view of what it is to spend a romantic
evening together!  In this busy life, though, you make the most of whatever
quality time you can create.  The only drawback is that the cats are highly
disturbed that we won't let them be part of this intriguing new game.  (Not
realizing that that's not the only game...okay, okay, we're not going there-
I'm sure there's a list out there somewhere in Cyberland for that kind of
thread, but I'm not on it, so I'll keep it "family-oriented"   }:)  )

The handy thing for me (back to our usual programming) about prefilling
cartridges is that we have friends that we often spend the weekend with who
live in Akron (a bit over an hour away) & it's so handy to have a prefilled
one sitting in their fridge should I need it! Hey, does anyone out there
have any definitive info on how long we should suppose these prefilled ones
will stay good? (No, we're not filling hundreds at a time, but I thought it
would be a good thing to figure out as far as "in the cartridge longevity"

Have a great day!

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