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Re: [IP] Mistaking Highs for lows

>It seems if my bg drops slowly I can adjust/compensate for numbers as
>low as 33 and appear to be normal to people who don't know me too well.
>However, if my bg is falling rapidly I can be totally useless at 55 -
>Diabetes will never be called boring will it!


Thank you!!!  I have never been able to make any sense at all out of the
fact that sometimes I am very alert to going below 70 & other times I am
pretty much "fully functional" at 30!  This is the first time anyone has
brought to my attention (or maybe the first time I was PAYING attention, if
it's been posted before!) to the fact that awareness can be affected by the
speed of bg's falling....now I think I'm understanding better, instead of
just attributing it to my own bizarre idiosyncracies!  :)  With that theory
in hand, I can now go back to the drawing board armed with "new & revealing
information"- this is one of the things that makes this list so very
valuable to me!!

Thanks Again!

P.S.  For those of us whose formative years were in the seventies- did
anyone else read that mention of "bg's falling" & picture this goofy image
of Barry, Robin, & Maurice careening through the air?...or should I go check
my bg now & grab some glucose tabs just in case?  :)
Have a great day, & be careful not to be hit by any falling BeeGee's!

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