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[IP] Diagnosis date party

Jen Woodall wrote:
> I strongly believe
> that should be recognized in whatever way each person chooses.  I always
> acknowledge the date (well, close to it--can't always remember the exact 
> date) of my dx in some way.

I know my diagnosis date EXACTLY, and I know exactly when my BGs started
to go up, and I know when they went kablooie rapidly. 

I started to have problems in the summer of 1991; my BGs went kablooie
starting on July 28, 1992, and I was officially diagnosed on Aug. 17,
1992 after landing in the hospital with a coronary artery spasm. Then
they went back down again, and I was able to maintain on diet and
exercise until the summer of 1993; in Sept. 1993, I went to the doc, and
my BGs were once again rising rapidly, so she tried increasing doses and
different sulfonylureas to no effect. I finally went on insulin on May
12, 1994, and THAT's the date I celebrate!  

Like insulin gave me my life back, and I think THAT's worth celebrating
-- during my time on diet and orals, I was consistently miserable, and
horrible to others and it WASN'T a life worth living!

So yes, it SHOULD be celebrated -- if you hadn't been diagnosed, you'd
have been dead!!!

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