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[IP] Enlightening a fired doctor

Jen Woodall wrote:
>  I am debating whether or not to send a follow-up letter to him with
> some exerpts.  I would not use any names, e-mail addresses, or identifying
> information.  The point would be simply to educate and enlighten him a bit.  
> No guarantees there, but I'd like to know I did what I could to help him 
> "evolve" a little.

Docs aren't always "enlightenable".

I went to an endo soon after my BG on my phyical showed up as elevated
(138 and 131 3 mo. later -- and then my doc moved away) -- He told me I
wasn't diabetic, and not to seek the diagnosis.

Well, 6 months later, my fastings were running between 150 and 200 and
my postprandials between 250 - 300, and I wrote him a letter telling him
my readings and telling him that the diagnosis of diabetes was exactly
what I WAS seeking, because I wasn't feeling well! and his nurse called
to tensely tell me that I was not diabetic, I had impaired glucose

Well, excuuuuuse me!! 

This guy was a university medical school professor, no less, but that
doesn't mean he knew anything!

I've come a long way from there!
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