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[IP] pain and bleeding at site

Hello,  I've written a few times about pumping and martial arts.  I've
been disconnecting before my Aikido classes and reconnecting after and
although its been a rocky process, I'm finally making some headway and
my bgs are smoothing out.
But at the last two classes, my site has become irritated and I've had
to remove it due to pain.  When I removed it the first time it spurted
blood-looked worse than it was.  The second time, there was some blood
in the cannula and a small bruise was left at the puncture site.  Any
thoughts on what could have caused this?  And what to do to prevent it?
Aikido is very physical with lots of body contact with the mats(floor).
My site is the abdomen and these two incidents were where the site was
lower and closer to my waist.  Hasn't happened before.  I'm using the
MiniMed Sof-set Ultimate QR Infusion sets.  Any advice would be so
helpful.  I have another class tomorrow (Sunday) and don't want to have
to replace the site again.  Thx so much for your support.  You people
are the best!
email @ redacted

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