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Re: [IP] Minimed Press release Take Action

In today's New York Times(Sat. Nov 20 page C3 Business section) and I Quote:
MInimed to spend up to 1.5 Million to fix Insulin Pumps.
Minimed Inc., a maker of diabetes treatment products, plans to spend as much 
as $1.5 million to upgrade some of its insulin pumps because of a software 
problem. Minimed shares fell $5, to $80, yesterday. Minimed based in Sylmar, 
Calif. said its 508 insulin infusion pump, which it began distributing Oct. 4 
could when programmed in a specific way, have a software error that would 
result in the patient's receiving an incorrect dosage of insulin.    
(Bloomberg News)

The scary thing I have heard is that when you program the second or third 
basil profile for exercise or weekends it, at its own unpredictable time 
substitutes one of the other profiles and you wont know it until your BS 
responds to it. From the wording on the release they are waiting for us to 
call them and say we have a problem, this seems like the most logical 
business approach to keep the cost down. IF I had a 508 I would first sell my 
shares of MM and then call them for an upgraded version BEFORE it gives me an 
incorrect dose. Obviously this is my plan and opinion as the news is 
presented to me I do not intend to start a pump war, and I do plan to rebuy 
my shares before MM recovers from this setback as we all know they will. I 
wish all 508ers out there the best of luck with their quest. Brad, pumper 
since 1987 (both pumps)
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