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[IP] Re:I can see. . .

> There is not much clinical history for people with diabetes having
> NORMAL hba1c's. The doc is just spouting the stuff he learned in med
> shool. As with many doctors, it seems yours is out of touch with
> modern diabetes management technology and the affect it has on those
> who use it.  This guy probably never heard of the DCCT.


Oh yes he has, which is part of what's so scary.  In fact, after I challenged his
statement, he said, "There was a study done a few years ago.. ."  I said, "Yes,
the DCCT.  I was a participant."  He proceeded to review some of the study's
findings, but he left out the finding that early changes in the eye can sometimes
actually be reversed by tightening control.  (I "reviewed" it for him.)  So this
guy is not uneducated.  He knew about pumping, the DCCT, A1Cs, and all the wonders
of modern treatment, but he still wasn't open to the possibility of my not
developing retinopathy.  He is fired, at least by me, but I worry about all the
others he sees who are less educated and proactive about their care.  God knows
what he is leading them to believe.

I have had such great responses from all of you on this post, both privately and
on the list.  I am debating whether or not to send a follow-up letter to him with
some exerpts.  I would not use any names, e-mail addresses, or identifying
information.  The point would be simply to educate and enlighten him a bit.  No
guarantees there, but I'd like to know I did what I could to help him "evolve" a


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