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Re: [IP] Gianna -- Natalie

Natalie, I was just wondering, if I am just coming out of my honeymoon 
period now, why did my c-peptide come back at almost 0 over a month ago?? is 
this possible??  another question, if I had been in a honeymoon period is it 
still possible to have majorly high blood sugars? I had a period of about 3 
weeks about two weeks after dx where I didn't go above 126.  I thought that 
this was all for the honeymoon, since then my insulin needs have been pretty 
constant.  Anyway my main question is about the c-peptide. the result 
doesn't seem to match up with a honeymoon period.  thanks, Gianna

>Aha!!!  Remember the post you made about your insulin needs going up
>Maybe you're coming to the end of your honeymoon period --

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