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Re: [IP] velosulin?

> What exactly is velosulin and how does it work with H on the
> pump...My son only gets 2 days, would this V help?

Velosulin is a buffered regular insulin manufactured by NovoNordisk. 
Is was originally fromulated when the pump tubing was not polyfin and 
insulin clogs were common. The buffer agent helped with this problem. 
Reportedly (I don't know myself) H uses the same or very similar 
buffer agent.

There is empirical data to suggest that H accelerates the breakdown 
of the infusion site so it won't last very long. Many pumpers have 
reported this condition, including my daughter. It has been 
determined by individuals experimenting, that mixing a small amount 
of Velosulin will counteract this problem and extend the life of the 
infusion site. Several list members have reported using regular 
insulin instead of V, but they represent the miniority of "mixers" 
and I have not first hand information on this. If you are interested, 
contact John Neale, I believe he uses this mix.
email @ redacted

6% of our reporting membership uses an insulin mix. See the ABOUT 
page of the web site at:


The most common mix is 5 parts Humalog and 1 part Velosulin. Some 
pumpers use more Velosulin, but this is usually to slow down the 
insulin peak to accomodate other problems like gastro problems of 
slow digestion. the 5/1 mix behaves almost exactly like straight H, 
so no adjustments ot basals are usually required.

email @ redacted
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