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Actually I went to a seminar for the pump and they said really that you 
just need to move the pump so you don't get a pump picture on your x-ray 
and that it would not really hurt it.  (this is Disetronic) also they said 
they had several pumpers that were Radiologists and no problems.

>Wow..this sets up a whole new list of problems for me.  I just got a call
>from m rep yesterday, and she said I have been authorized for my pump and my
>insurance will pay 100%, I should have it by next week.  My problem now, it
>seems, is that I work in Interventional Radiology....so I work with X-rays
>8-20 hours a day.  Does anyone out here work in Xray...and do you know of any
>place that sells lead pouches for the pumps??  That would probably be the
>best protection along with my lead apron.........Eileen

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