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Re: [IP] Old School

I was also diagnosed in 1957 (March) and I remember U40 NPH was only a
$1.29 a bottle once upon a time...

I remember FIZZIES before the ban on cyclamates...you dopped the
flavored tablet in water to make a flavored drink! 

I remember when disposable syringes became available and thought this
was a great advancement <grin>.

I remember growing up prior to meters and being in fear of insulin
reactions occuring while I was in school <sigh>.

I remember thinking I was the only diabetic child in the world until
1962 when my parents sent me to Bearskin Meadows camp!!! <grin>

I remember going back to Bearskin Meadows in 1982 with my eldest son's
Boy Scout Troop (troop went to prepare the camp for the campers) and
getting to see Dr. Olney again.
I remember clearly her reaction to endocrinologists (I got a
lecture...she wasn't in favor of this form of care!!!)

I remember growing up as a diabetic prior to todays medical advancements
and would NOT want to do this again.

Old School...been there...done that!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 -pumping since 12/29/98

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